Bilingual Oral Fluency Certification

The bilingual oral fluency examination is intended to ensure that individuals communicating in non-English languages, in the performance of their job duties possess the requisite skill/proficiency to provide effective communication. The examination is designed to measure skills in vocabulary (commonly used terms and expressions), pronunciation (ability to be understood, enunciation, and clarity of expression), grammar (characteristic systems of words and the grammatical structure of the language), comprehension (ability to grasp significance or information), and resourcefulness (ability to appropriately communicate an idea while retaining intent from one language to another).

The Bilingual Services Program administers bilingual oral fluency examinations to department employees for $115.00. Request for bilingual fluency examinations are made by completing and submitting a Bilingual Examination Request Form. The form requires the employee's department Personnel Office approval.

Payments must be received with the Bilingual Examination Request Form. Once the form and payment are processed, Bilingual Services Program staff will contact the employee to schedule the examination. Employees are notified of their results in writing. Bilingual Oral Fluency Examination Request Form.

American Sign Language (ASL) Testing and Certification

The Department of Rehabilitation, through its Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Section is the department authorized to conduct the Statewide American Sign Language (ASL) Bilingual Proficiency examination for all department employees. This exam is designed to measure skills in vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and competency in ASL communication. Cost of the examination to each requesting department is $115.00 for each employee candidate to take the examination. To request an ASL bilingual exam, or for more information, please contact Cindy Woodrum at (916) 558-5678 or

Bilingual Pay

The department determines whether or not an individual's duties meet the Bilingual Pay Criteria and certifies that the requirements have been met.

Bargaining Unit Contracts and the Department's Personnel Office should be consulted for information regarding Bilingual Pay Criteria.