CEA Bulletin and Exempt Announcement Online Bulletin System

Career Executive Assignment (CEA) 7500 Band Positions - CEA positions are covered by civil service laws and rules. There are specific minimum qualifications candidates must meet in order to be eligible to apply for a CEA examination, as outlined in CCR 548.70, G.C. 19889.3, G.C. 18990, and G.C. 18992. The California State Departments are required to post their CEA Exam Bulletins for a minimum of TEN working days on the CalHR web site. For questions about your eligibility to apply for a CEA exam, contact the testing department.

Exempt Positions - Eligibility to apply for Exempt positions is open to any individual who meets the minimum qualifications stated on the job announcement. Exempt positions are not covered by civil service laws and rules and therefore are not subject to civil service requirements. While many departments choose to advertise their vacant Exempt positions on the CalHR web site, they are not required to do so, therefore the listing of vacant Exempt positions on the CalHR web site may not be complete.


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