Student Employment

Typically, state departments hire Student Assistants using two different options.

Option #1: The department advertises their own vacancies and hires their student assistants into the civil service Student Assistant classifications. For additional information about the classifications (job titles) listed below, select the title under the classification heading. For information regarding current open Student Assistant positions, select the current posted vacancies information listed under vacancies and adjacent to the classification you are interested in.

Classification Grid
Youth Aid Current posted vacancies
Graduate Student Assistant Current posted vacancies
Student Assistant Current posted vacancies
Student Assistant Engineering and Architectural Sciences Current posted vacancies
Clinical Psychology Intern Current posted vacancies
Microbiologist Intern Current posted vacancies
Psychiatric Technician Student Current posted vacancies
Student Aid Current posted vacancies
Student Engineering Aid Current posted vacancies
Environmental Services Intern Current posted vacancies

Option #2: The department hires their Student Assistants through a partnership program with a local college(s). Many state agencies use University Enterprises Inc. (UEI) and the Community College Foundation (CCF) when filling their Student Assistant vacancies. Contact your local college, UEI or CCF to inquire about gaining student employment through a program with a local college(s).

It is important to understand that UEI/CCF Student Assistant positions are part-time, non-benefited positions, whereas civil service Student Assistants do earn some benefits.

Summer Youth Employment

Summer Youth Employment programs offer an opportunity for State Departments to hire students from local high schools for summer employment as Youth Aids.

For additional information about the classification Youth Aid, link to the Class Specs section of the DPA Web site.

To find out if any State Departments in your area are currently recruiting for Youth Aids, contact your Career Center at your local high school or contact the Regional Occupation Center (ROP) in your city.

For additional information about programs developed to help develop today's youth into a productive and skilled workforce, refer to the Employment Development Department's (EDD) website.

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